Oxalate Counts

Our niche on the web for calcium oxalate stone formers and anyone concerned with their oxalate intake due to: kidney stones, oxalosis, hyperoxaluria, leaky gut, crohn's disease, autism, inflammation and more.

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Oxalate Food Counts

The mobile app database

Your quick lookup guide to find Oxalate counts for most common foods.

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Tips & Prevention.

There are no guarantees you will never have a kidney stone again, but following these tips combined with adding more fluids daily has been proven to lower your risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your physician recommends a “Low-Oxalate” diet and you have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

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Calcium Oxalate Food Counts (Kidney Stones)

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It's a challenge when it comes to cooking, shopping and eating out when you have to restrict your oxalate intake. Knowing the amount of oxalate in the foods you eat is the first step to staying within your daily limit and making informed dietary decisions.

This app was created for individuals prone to recurring calcium oxalate stones ("stone formers"), have oxalate sensitivities and users of plant based diets (ketogenic, vegetarian, etc.) concerned with their oxalate intake. It may also be beneficial to individuals with other health conditions such as hyperoxaluria, oxalosis, leaky gut, IBD, crohn's disease, autism and fibromyalgia. This app works offline and requires no internet connectivity once installed.

  • On the go mobile reference
  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Ad free
  • Search for foods by category
  • Search for foods in Master list

  • More than 1000 food items listed
  • U.S. measurements used
  • No login, account or subscription required
  • Compiled using Harvard School of Public Health, UPMC, UChicago & addt’l sources
  • Available on Google Play

Hear what our users have to say

What started as a simple to use personal android app has evolved to one shared by many. It is with your help and feedback we have moved forward to providing the awesome product you see today.

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This app is fabulous, I've gotten more info from this than I did from the urologist

Karen H. Oxalate Counts user 3/13/2020

In just looking at the information on stones, OXALATES, foods lists, I am blown away. I can't wait o tell my medical providers about this app for their other patients.

G.C. Oxalate Counts user 4/3/2020

Thank you so much for the quality information provided in your app. I really appreciate how dedicated you are to improving the content with regular updates.

Kenneth I. Oxalate Counts user 1/2/2020

I love this app. It has helped me so much. Better than any other one I've used. Easy look up! Thank you for saving my kidney's.

Jina M. Oxalate Counts user 12/28/2019

Helped me realize that the cinnamon and turmeric supplements I was taking were putting me at risk for kidney stones. Also getting off of them helped my hot flashes as well. Thank for a great tool.

Michelle M. Oxalate Counts user 10/4/2019

I'm quite pleased with this app! • big print, easy to read • has most everyday foods listed • most Mediterranean diet foods listed • oxalate content seems accurate • it's easy to use • no ads interrupting my concentration • it's pretty lol (A big thank you to the developers)!

Kelly J. Oxalate Count user 12/9/2019

"The first wealth is health."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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